Man Behind Bar at Casa Vergara - San Sebastián, Spain - Copyright 2019 Ralph Velasco
Chateau de Marouatte - Copyright 2019 Ralph Velasco

Northern Spain’s Basque Country & La Rioja

September 11 – 19, 2020

France’s Magical Dordogne

in a Private Castle

May 23 – 30, 2020
Table Still Life - Italy - Copyright Giulia Stasi
Ribeira and Dom I Bridge from Vila Nova de Gaia - Porto, Portugal - Copyright 2019 Ralph Velasco

Postcard Puglia, Italy

in a Private Agriturismo

April 24 – May 1, 2021

A Taste of Northern Portugal:

Porto & the Douro Valley

May 4 – 11, 2020

Here’s what makes our Alla Campagna Experiences unique:

    • Alla Campagna Experiences are about cultural immersion, rather than photography.
    • Our experiences highlight the local cuisine, wine and spirits, people and more.
    • You can expect a half-day of scheduled activities, and half-day of free time, on average.
    • Destinations are more easily accessible from the U.S., Northern Africa, and certainly Europe, as they’re concentrated in and around the Mediterranean.
    • Shorter trips of 7 – 10 days and stay in one, maybe two locations, so there’s less packing and unpacking.
    • Accommodations in unique, upscale properties, such as (each experience is different):
      • Private castles
      • Wine estates
      • Wonderfully converted mansions and villas
      • A parador (converted castle or monastery)
      • Gorgeous boutique hotels and other one-of-a-kind places
    • Depending on the experience, activities will include:
      • Wine and spirit tastings
      • Unique culinary experiences, cooking classes and demonstrations
      • Private lectures with local experts
      • Learn how they harvest and process the local specialties (and taste each)
    • Meet with local craftsmen and -women, often in their homes or places of business.
    • Limited to just 6 to 14 participants.

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