Below are testimonials from actual clients who have traveled with Ralph on his many other trips.

“Incredible experience…”

“[Vietnam was] such an incredible experience.  Thank you 1000x!”

- Steve Giles (Vietnam)

“Balance of planned time and free time”

“For a short trip, there was a good balance of planned time and free time. The amount of contact with the diversity of native species in this area was amazing, encountered both while guided and on free time. Thanks Ralph!”

- Brian R. (Costa Rica)

“At night to hear the jungle noises was magical.”

Great trip. The animals and nature were more than expected. At night to hear the jungle noises was magical.”

- Nancy S. (Armenia/Georgia, Costa Rica, Romania, others)

“You will be with like-minded people”

“…a unique trip with Ralph Velasco…is the way to go. You will be with like-minded people who are having as much fun as you…without feeling rushed to get-on/get-off the bus and on to the next spot.”

- Julie S. (France, Costa Rica, Romania, Milwaukee)

“Saw a side that not many tourists venture out to.”

“What a beautiful area to visit! Off the beaten path, we visited great local places. We most definitely saw a side that not many tourists venture out to. And staying in a castle? How much more magical can that be?”

- Laurie K. (Armenia/Georgia, France, Cambodia, Mexico, Portugal, many others)

“Your childhood fantasies will come true…”

“Your childhood fantasies will come true as you live in a real castle for a week and visit some unique and interesting sites in the region. Unusual and unique experiences are what Ralph Velasco and his Alla Campagna Experiences will provide and get you to the places off the beaten track. Also, expect great dining, you will not go hungry.”

- Julie S. (France, Costa Rica, Romania, Milwaukee)

“Each day we were treated to a new and vibrant outing”

“…a wonderful chance to experience some of the most beautiful scenery and cuisine that Europe has to offer, a real insight into the people and way of life of a historically rich region. 

Each day we were treated to a new and vibrant outing…but know that staying in a castle built so long ago comes with its quirks for sure, but that’s what made it so incredible. 

We’ll look back with fond memories on our time in France…”

- Gavin & Nicky B. (Armenia/Georgia, France, Chicago, Milwaukee)

“I loved it”

I loved it. Staying in a castle wasn’t too shabby either! The food was well prepared and tasty. The chef and his wife were very friendly and helpful. I would go again.”

- Marty R. (France)

“Take a lot of the work out of organizing a trip”

“Take a lot of the work out of organizing a trip on your own and join a great organized trip to Spain with Ralph at Alla Campagna Experiences. Great food and history in Northern Spain!”

- Jay B. (Spain)

“The trip was excellent.”

“The trip was excellent. I especially liked the gastronomic experience in Spain. The food and wine and olive oil experiences were over the top.

- Susana C. (Spain, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Mexico)

“If you don’t go you are missing a fantastic trip…”

“Basque country is an amazing place to visit. The hotels are totally unique… Be prepared for amazing food and wine…

Most important of all, be prepared to make new friends. The small group size of Ralph’s trip is the key to its enjoyment…if you don’t go you are missing a fantastic trip. I am already planning my next destination.”

- Brad C. (Spain)

“We highly recommend this…”

This was our first Alla Campagna trip with Ralph and it definitely will not be our last. We highly recommend this wonderful Spanish journey.”

- Ann & Pat W. (Spain)

Best food and wine experience ever.

“Best food and wine experience ever.”

- Gary D. (Spain, Tuscany)

“This trip was a lifetime memorable experience…”

“This trip was a lifetime memorable experience; the food & guides were fantastic; the olive oil and wine tasting were so different and enjoyable.”

- John Y. (Spain, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Mexico, others)

“I enjoyed myself very much”

“I enjoyed myself very much [in Armenia & Georgia], especially getting to see a part of the world that not many tourists get to.”

- Laurie K. (Armenia/Georgia, France, Cambodia, Mexico, Portugal, many others)

“Personal Touch”

“Once again you provide the sites of interest and the personal touch of visiting homes and enjoying home-cooked meals.”

- Nancy S. (Armenia/Georgia, Costa Rica, Romania, others)

“Everything we had hoped for…”

What can we say? The trip was everything we had hoped for and so much more we didn’t expect. 

…the luxury of someone who has taken the time to plan an itinerary focusing on the very best of each destination was so wonderful. 

The sights, sounds, smells, tastes and memories of Armenia and Georgia are endless and magical. 

Ralph is a wonderful, caring host…

We can’t wait to plan our next trip with Ralph.”

- Gavin & Nicky B. (Armenia/Georgia, France, Chicago, Milwaukee)

“What an amazing hotel and view…”

“What an amazing hotel and view…the extension trip [to Stepantsminda] will always be a very fond memory…it was so special. Gavin and I thank you Ralph so, so, so much for all you did to arrange this…”

- Gavin & Nicky B. (Armenia/Georgia, France, Chicago, Milwaukee)

“Great Tour”

“Portugal-Great country, great culture, great tour, and fantastic wine!”

- Laurie K. (France, Cambodia, Vietnam, Portugal and many others)

“Ralph was the perfect tour leader…”

“A Taste of Portugal was an enjoyable and leisurely vacation in a country that seems to have everything. Historical sights, gourmet food, photo opportunities and a great hospitality atmosphere abound. The tour hit all the sights of interest, Ralph was the perfect tour leader and it was a good group fellow travelers.”

- Mike C. (Portugal)

“Loved Portugal”

“The group was great made some new long-term friends. Loved Portugal (other than the inclines 🙂 ), the country is small but packed full of great sites.”

- Nancy S. (Portugal, Romania, Armenia/Georgia, Costa Rica)

“…the Douro River Valley was incredible!”

“This was a great tour, with lots to do and see! We visited the large cities of Lisbon and Porto as well as other cities, towns, and villages throughout Portugal. I also took the extension through the Douro River Valley which was incredible! We had many opportunities to take pictures both as part of the tour and in our free time. I feel the tour gave me a good feel for the wide variety of life in the cities and countryside of Portugal.”

- Vivian N. (Portugal, Baltics)

“[On Ralph’s tours] I don’t feel like a tourist”

“The key thing I feel about Ralph’s tours is that I don’t feel like a tourist.”

- Patrick M. (France, Mexico, Spain, Cambodia, many others)

“Smart itineraries, hotels and food choices”

“Thanks for a great trip.  All went smoothly and I had a great time… You offer a great product – smart itineraries, hotels and food choices…I look forward to another trip.”

- David W. (Morocco)

“World class experience in your hands”

“Ralph…puts his world class experience in your hands. This trip has been off the charts.”

- Steve G. (Cambodia, Vietnam)

“Fantastic trip”

“Thank you for a fantastic trip.”

- Jeff D. (Vietnam, Armenia/Georgia)

“Can’t wait to take more trips with Ralph”

“This was an amazing trip and I am so glad I did it. …can’t wait to take more trips with Ralph.”

- Kim W. (Morroco)

“Ralph is the best!!”

“This was my first trip with Ralph. Kind of a short test trip. Was so good I have been on 4 more trips in 3 years with him. The leader makes all the difference and Ralph is the best!!”

- John K. (Cambodia, Vietnam, Mexico, Costa Rica, others)

“Best trip I’ve ever taken”

“I know you hear this all the time, but this is the best trip I’ve ever taken.”

- Kathy S. (Cuba)

“Amazing travel experience”

“An amazing travel experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide.”

- Zoe C. (Cuba)

“I’d travel to the ends of the earth with Ralph”

“Truly, I’d travel to the ends of the earth with Ralph.”

- Liz R. (Danube River Cruise, Egypt)

“I highly recommend this trip.”

“This was a wonderful trip, thoughtfully planned. These are amazing countries to visit, each with a unique history and culture. The local guides were personable and extremely informative. Ralph is a fantastic tour leader – full of energy and genuinely interested in the places we visited. I highly recommend this trip.”

- Donald S. (The Baltics, Romania)

“Thanks…for a great time!”

“The itinerary had a lot of activities that I would not have done if I were on my own. It’s nice to go on a trip where everything is planned out and ready to go!  Thanks…for a great time!”

- Carole R. (Vietnam, Morocco, Armenia/Georgia, Costa Rica)

“The tour was well thought out…”

“The tour was well thought out – offering examples of the food, history and culture…I am looking forward to my next adventure! Thank you again!”

- Greg I. (Vietnam, Costa Rica)

“Exceeded my expectations”

“This trip exceeded my expectations. I’m looking forward to my next trip!”

- Sam N. (Finnish & Swedish Lapland)

“Best trip I’ve ever taken in my life”

“I’ve got to tell you, I love to travel, and this is the best trip I’ve ever taken in my life.”

- Tom C. (Vietnam)

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